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83 kilómeters... of adventure-filled beaches, over 30 thousand acres of natural beauty that welcome you with open arms; exotic places that are havens for (mapanas) snakes, howling monkeys and flocks of pelicans. It is a site filled with clear waters and surprising coral formations located next to cliffs of spurs of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta. With such a diverse topographical structure, this constitutes a unique and uncomparable spectacle.

The mountain range is based in the deep blue sea, which is a site of vast cold waters, filled with submarine life. This site is an area which is preferred by the divers who explore the Neguanje Cave, Needle Island and Shell Bay, considering it the best scene to practice their sport.


Even though most of the coastal waters are ferocious, there are many beautiful beaches for swimmers. For example, The reef is located only 30 minutes on foot from the main entrance. Canaveral is filled with strong currents, but has a very privileged spot called "the pool"where big and small are allowed to swim freely.


The National Tayrona Park is ideal for tourists who are interested in exotic destinations as well as having contact with native life. The lodging area is found in a very natural habitat, including traditional hammocks, camping sites, and all of this is located between palm trees. At the same time, one is surrounded by not only salt water and palm trees, but also with the amazing images of the mountain, only paces away from the beach. In the gorgeous sector of Canaveral, there exists 14 Ecohabs and different cabins for the visitor's comfort.

The End of Cabo San Juan del Guia, a 90 minute walk from the main entrance, is the one of the best parts of the tayrona experience. This remarkable journey takes you through an intense contrast between the power of the ocean and the excitement of the tropical rainforest. Later, a pre-Columbian spotted/pebbled path unites at the end with Chairama. It is one hour of a long walk through thick vegetation, howling monkeys and trees over 30 meters high, which cover the scenery almost completely, giving us a unique and protected world, brightened by the insistent music of the crickets.

To the west of Tayrona, at the 56 kilometer via Riohacha, we find Quebrada Valencia; this small river descends until it joins with the sea. Its river basin is protected near the opening. Thirty minutes further, even more gifts of nature on the way when you approach an enormous stoned wall, where monumental waterfalls are formed. From the zone of the opening from the Palomino River (48 kilometers via Riohacha), one can see the peaks of the Sierra Nevada; to the east the sea becomes dark because the rivers drag nature, the beaches there are grey, offering total tranquility to those who arrive at this destination.




Land Area: 15,000 Hectares of which 12,000 are terrestrial and 3,000 are marine.

Date created: 1969.

Location: On the coast of the Caribbean at 34 Kilometers in Santa Marta via Riohacha, department of Magdalena.

Temperature: From 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

Access routes:

By Palangana: Neguange y Playa del Muerto.

By Zaino: Canaveral, Arrecifes and Pueblito.


Terrestrial Routes:

Bogotá - Santa Marta – The National Tayrona Park.

Aerial Routes:

Bogotá - Santa Marta (1 hour).

Description of the area

Ecosystems: Tropical dry forest, formation xerofiticas and subxerofiticas, humedales manglares, sedimentary foundations, coastal rocky bottoms, sandy beaches, prairies of amrinos grass and coral reefs.

Fauna: There are over 100 species mamals, among those that stand out- the tigrillo and the deer, and birds like the condor, solitary and white eagles.

Climate: Temperate - Hot


Santa Marta works with the Simon Bolivar airport, which receives daily trips from Bogota, capital of Colombia. There are a multitude of hotels you may contact through the tourist agency Gaira VIP, with different prices for all types of budgets.

The transport towards the park acts as a terrestrial plan defined depending on which path chosen. One can always count on bilingual guide specially trained, who will have your trip and stay be enjoyed in total security and tranquility.

The traveler can also stay in Taganga, a fishing town that has the best diving centers. There are schools that are enabled to grant international certificates, or if you prefer, a minicourse with guided immersions. If you have questions concerning plans and arrangements, please contact Gaira VIP.



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